F&I Products and Professional F&I Selling Process & Disclosures

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Last Updated: April 1st, 2021


This Course Includes:
92 Lessons Total
7 Content Lessons
13 Exams
51 Video Lessons
18 File Attachments
4 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Establishing F&I Goals and Possibilities
  Your Goals as an F&I Manager
  Introduction Video - 13 F&I Profit Leaks Common to Most Dealerships
  Introduction Video - Advanced F&I Training
  Establish Your Current Baseline Now - You are Going to Overcome it!
  Establishing F&I Ethics, Objectives and Policies that are Right by All Parties
  Video - Definition of Selling
  Video - Loving Your Customers
  Video - Do What is Right
  The Proprietary F&I Sales Process Developed by the College of Automotive Management
  Whitepaper - The F&I Sales Process
  Test - The F&I Sales Process
  CSI vs. Profits? Why a commitment to 100% verified CSI always maximizes total profits
  Audio - F&I Department Number One and Number Two Objectives
  Test - F&I's Number One and Number Two Objective
  F&I Product Pricing Rules that are Ethical, Legal and Achieve 50% + Penetration Levels
  Audio - F&I Product Pricing
  Test - Pricing Policies and Standards
  Whitepaper - Prepare for Business
  Preparing the File, Office and Mind for the Customer
  Video Introduction - Prep the file and your mind before seeing the customer
  Video - File review before meeting the customer
  Video - Preparing the file, product menu, and your mind
  Test - Before the Customer Enters - Prepare for Business
  Whitepaper - Verify 100% Sales Department CSI
  Sales Department Collaboration - Prepping Customers for F&I to Achieve 100% Verified CSI
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video
  Written Assignment - Sales Meeting Video Question
  Recommended Sales Department CSI Verification Form
  F&I Process - Confirm 100% Sales Department CSI and Transaction Terms
  Introduction Video - Verify 100% Sales Department CSI First
  Role Play Example - Verify 100% Sales Dept. CSI before F&I Process Begins
  Will you use the suggestions to achieve 100% Sales Department CSI?
  Test - Verify Sales Department CSI
  Whitepaper - Confirm Deal Points and Establish Attention
  Introduction Video - Verifying the Figures Provided by the Sales Department
  Audio - Confirm Deal Points and Establish Attention transitional phrase
  Your Turn - Write out the Transition Phrase Word for Word to Review Figures and Verify the Deal is Closed
  Video - Role Play Example - Confirm deal points and establish attention
  Test - Confirm Deal Points and Establish Attention
  Your Turn - Practice Video Role Playing - Verify 100% Sales CSI and Figures
  F&I Process - Review Credit Application(s), Credit Bureau(s) and Stipulations w/ Customer to Reduce Contracts in Transit
  Whitepaper - Review Credit Application/Bureau & Stipulations
  Audio - Review Credit Application/Bureau & Stipulations transitional phrase
  Write out the recommended transitional phrase to review Credit App.
  Video Introduction - Review Credit Application and Credit Bureau
  Role Play Example - Review Credit Application/Bureaus/Stipulations
  Introduction Video - Review Customer Information on Cash Deal
  Role Play Example - Review Credit Application - Cash Customer Scenario
  Video - Role Play - Converting credit union buyer to lease in F&I
  Test - Review Credit Application/Bureau & Stipulations
  Your Turn - Practice Video Role Playing - Review Credit App/Bureau & Stips
  F&I Process - Present, Disclose and Endorse DMV and other Peripheral Documents with Objective to Build Relationship prior to Contract Review
  Whitepaper - Disclose & Obtain Signatures for DMV Documents 1
  Whitepaper - Disclose & Obtain Signatures for DMV Documents 2
   Introduction Video - Complete Remaining DMV Documents/Develop Relationship
  Video - Role Play Example - Review DMV Docs. Applies to Finance, Cash & Lease
  Your Turn - Practice Video Role Playing - Review of the DMV Documents
  F&I Process - Gain Permission to Present F&I Product Benefits and Verify 100% F&I Department CSI Rating
  Cash Menus
  F&I Department CSI Verification Form
  Video Introduction - Fully Explain the Benefits Before Disclosing Price
  Video - Role Play Example - F&I Products Benefit Presentation Finance Customer
  Please Rate the F&I Products Benefit Presentation
  F&I Process - Disclose Prices Thoroughly and Accurately for Maximum Credibility
  Video Introduction - Disclosing Prices
  Video - Role Play Example - Review Product Prices and Close
  F&I Process - Handling Price Objections and Confirming 100% F&I Department CSI
  Video Introduction - Price Objections and Option Close
  Video - Role Play Example - How to Handle Objection to New Protected Payment
  Video Introduction - Cash Menu/Package Presentation of Benefits/Close
  Video - Role Play Example - Cash Customer Presentation with Price Disclosure
  Video Introduction - Benefits/Close Tips - Short Term Lease Customers
  Video - Role Play Example - Short Term Lease Presentation with Price Disclosure
  Your Turn - Practice Video Role Playing - Your Product Benefit Package
  Your Turn - Practice Video Role Playing - Product Package Price Disclosures
  F&I Process - Contract Presentations and Legally Compliant Disclosures
  Simple Interest LAW 553 Contract Example
  Whitepaper - Comprehensive Contract and Lease Agreement Disclosures
  Your Turn - What have you learned and implemented so far?
  Please Rate the College's Proprietary F&I Sales Process
  Bonus Materials - Popular F&I Products Features and Benefits Presentations
  Product Training Video - Service Contracts - What is a fair price?
  Product Training Video - Service Contracts Win/Win
  Product Training Whitepaper - Service Contract Facts and Stats
  Product Training Video - GAP Protection
  Product Training Audio - Sample GAP Protection Presentation
  Product Training Whitepaper - GAP Protection
  Product Training Whitepaper - Anti Theft Protection
  Product Training Whitepaper - Tire and Wheel/Dent Repair/Key Replacement
  Product Training Video - Appearance Packages/Chemicals
  Product Training Whitepaper - Appearance Packages/Chemicals
  Product Training Video - Credit Life/Disability Insurance
  Product Training Video - Reasons People Don't Buy Insurance
  Product Training Whitepaper - Credit Life/Credit Disability Insurance
  Product Training Whitepaper - Other F&I Products
  Bonus Materials - Other Closing Styles
  Closing Styles
  Hot Buttons, Objections, Closing
  More Closing Styles
  More Closing Styles
  Overcoming Objections
  Complete Process Role Play Videos - Cash Deal, Short Term Lease Deal, and Finance Deal Presentations
  Video - Role Play - Complete Cash Customer Presentation
  Video - Role Play - Complete Lease Presentation
  Video - Complete Finance Presentation Role Play
  Course Completion - F&I Product Sales