Sales Manager Version - Professional Selling, 365 Day Plan, Lead Management & Phone Training

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This Course Includes:
56 Lessons Total
13 Content Lessons
5 Exams
26 Video Lessons
8 File Attachments
15 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Sales Manager Goals
  Your Goals as a Sales Manager - Write it Out
  Baseline Numbers - Establishing Your Red Line in the Sand!
  Course Introduction
   Course Introduction
  Ethics - Relationship Selling
  Ethics - Loving Your Customers
  Ethics - Definition of Selling
  As a leader of others, what is your opinion of your employer right now?
  Ethics - Actual Results of Loving the Customer Practically
  Ethics - Do What is Right
  Establish Your Current Baseline Now - You are Going to Overcome it!
  Ethics - Rule #1 - Be Honest
  Ethics - Rule #2 - Be Likable
  Be Loyal to Your Company and Sales Process
  Ethics - Rule #3 - Sell the Next Step
  Ethics - Rule #4 - Stay on the Customer's Side
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video
  Ethics Assignment
  Lead Management
  Lead Management
   MIT Study - Time of Initial Phone Call vs. Leads That Are Contacted
  Lead Management - Training Tips for Handling Phone Calls
  Lead Management - Basic Phone Skills Verification Form Download
  Lead Management - Basic Phone Skills Verification Assignment
  Receptionist Phone Skills Basics Download
  Receptionist Phone Skills Basics
  Lead Management - Phone-Up Basics & Establishing Control
  Lead Management - The Internet Customer - Introduction to Video Email
  Lead Management - The Internet Customer - Follow Up & Response Strategies
  Lead Management - Pre-Owned Internet Response Suggestions/Strategies
  Your Turn - What is Your Opinion of Phone Training? Be sure to role play!
  Lead management assignment - Stop the Phone Profit Leak
  Lead Management - Establish the Dealership Role Play Schedule
  Establishing a Consistent Sales Process Used by the Best
  Sales Process Pre Test
  Dealership Structures and Terminologies
  Starting Your Day
  First Impression
  Meet and Greet
  Role Play with the Team to Confirm they have a plan for "We are Just Looking."
  Vehicle Selection
  Role Play with the team - "You don't have exactly what we are looking for"
  Test Drives
  Prepare for the Test Drive
  Selling the Test Drive
  Role Play - "What is the best price I can get on this vehicle before I agree to test drive it?"
  Selling the Write Up
  Role Play - "Can we have your business card? We need to do more shopping", after a test drive.
  Sales Process Test
  Personal Business Plan Development - 365 day business plan to bring in your own customers
  Setting the Framework for Your Business Plan in Automotive Retail
  Automotive Salesperson Inc. Student Workbook
  Student Tracking Worksheets
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media Exam
  Your Turn - Personal Plans to Develop Business
  Course Completion and Certification
  Please Rate Professional Sales - Best Practices
  Course Completion - Professional Sales - Best Practices