Sales Manager Desking, Presentations and Negotiations

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Last Updated: July 1st, 2020


This Course Includes:
29 Lessons Total
5 Content Lessons
2 Exams
15 Video Lessons
4 File Attachments
6 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Desking Process and Styles
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video
  Establishing Proper Expectations in the Customer's Mind as Foundation for Success
  Establish Expectations For a Proper Offer
  The Write Up - Customer First or Desk First?
  Compliant, Powerful and Fast 1st Pencil Presentations Anyone Can Deliver
  Building a Powerful First Offer Quickly - Guest Concepts Example
  Income/Debt Analyzer Tool
  Maximizing First Offers - Start off right to end where you want to be.
  1st Offer Presentations and Closes
  Your Turn - What is recommended script for presenting the 1st offer?
  Building and Presenting Trade-in Appraisals into Terms Presentation
  Building Customer Friendly Trade In Appraisals into your First Offer
  Second Pencil Presentations that Close More Often
  Stronger Second Offer Presentations and Closes
  Cash vs. One Pay Lease Presentations and Other Option Presentations
  Cash Customer Offers and Comparison Closes
  Lease End Options Presentation
  Traditional Write Up Methods with Scripts that are Honest and True
  Traditional Write Up Methods
  Rate & Term Questions
  Credible Counter Offers and Handling Objections Re: Rate, Term, Price, Down Payment, and Trade Allowance
  Presenting the Counter Offer
  Writing Up the Cash Customer
  Selling the Trade Allowance
  Overcoming Objections
  Learning Confirmations - Testing, Surveys, and Role Plays
  Sales Department Management Test
  Your Turn - Non Confrontational Selling/Negotiating
  Sales Manager Role Play Scripts to Eliminate Unauthorized Price Discounting
  Professional Presentations & Negotiations Best Practices
  Please Rate Professional Presentations and Negotiations
  Presentations & Negotiations-Establish the Dealership Role Play Schedule
  Course Completion - Professional Negotiations and Presentations
  Please rate the Guest Concepts Method of Negotiating