Sales Manager Desking, Presentations and Negotiations

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Last Updated: April 1st, 2021


This Course Includes:
29 Lessons Total
5 Content Lessons
2 Exams
15 Video Lessons
4 File Attachments
6 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Desking Process and Styles
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video (14:33)
  Establishing Proper Expectations in the Customer's Mind as Foundation for Success
  Establish Expectations For a Proper Offer
  The Write Up - Customer First or Desk First? (4:43)
  Compliant, Powerful and Fast 1st Pencil Presentations Anyone Can Deliver
  Building a Powerful First Offer Quickly - Guest Concepts Example (6:15)
  Income/Debt Analyzer Tool
  Maximizing First Offers - Start off right to end where you want to be (1:13)
  1st Offer Presentations and Closes (3:30)
  Your Turn - What is recommended script for presenting the 1st offer?
  Building and Presenting Trade-in Appraisals into Terms Presentation
  Building Customer Friendly Trade In Appraisals into your First Offer (4:33)
  Second Pencil Presentations that Close More Often
  Stronger Second Offer Presentations and Closes (4:55)
  Cash vs. One Pay Lease Presentations and Other Option Presentations
  Cash Customer Offers and Comparison Closes (4:34)
  Lease End Options Presentation
  Traditional Write Up Methods with Scripts that are Honest and True
  Traditional Write Up Methods (8:33)
  Rate & Term Questions (3:37)
  Credible Counter Offers and Handling Objections Re: Rate, Term, Price, Down Payment, and Trade Allowance
  Presenting the Counter Offer (6:52)
  Writing Up the Cash Customer (4:30)
  Selling the Trade Allowance (2:43)
  Overcoming Objections (3:16)
  Learning Confirmations - Testing, Surveys, and Role Plays
  Sales Department Management Test
  Your Turn - Non Confrontational Selling/Negotiating
  Sales Manager Role Play Scripts to Eliminate Unauthorized Price Discounting
  Professional Presentations & Negotiations Best Practices
  Please Rate Professional Presentations and Negotiations
  Presentations & Negotiations-Establish the Dealership Role Play Schedule
  Course Completion - Professional Negotiations and Presentations (2:06)
  Please rate the Guest Concepts Method of Negotiating