Professional Selling, 365 Day Plan, Lead Management & Phone Training

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This Course Includes:
58 Lessons Total
13 Content Lessons
7 Exams
28 Video Lessons
6 File Attachments
15 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Establishing Personal Base Line Averages and Setting Personal Goals for Increase
  Your Goals as a Professional Salesperson
  Your Goals as a Professional Salesperson - Write it Out
  Course Introduction (4:21)
  Features of CAM ACT (13:00)
  Baseline Numbers - Establishing Your Red Line in the Sand!
  Ethics - Foundational Principles and Mind Sets Shared by Successful Leaders in the Automotive Industry
  Ethics - Relationship Selling (18:46)
  Ethics - Loving Your Customers (9:18)
  Actual Results of Loving the Customer Practically in the Sales Process (3:10)
  Ethics - Definition of Selling - Satisfying Needs and Wants, Especially the Need to be Loved, Liked and Appreciated - Most Noble Profession on the Planet (12:22)
  What do you think of your employer's decision to provide this content?
  Ethics - Actual Results from Changing Your Definition of Selling (0:34)
  Ethics - Do What is Right (6:16)
  Ethics - Rule #1 - Be Honest (1:50)
  Ethics - Rule #2 - Be Likeable (4:35)
  Be Loyal to Your Company and Process
  Ethics - Rule #3 - Keep it Simple and Just Sell the Next Step (2:50)
  Ethics - Rule #4 - Stay on the Customer's Side (2:02)
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video (14:33)
  Ethics Assignment
  Lead Management - Form Leads and Phone Call - Maximizing Customer Contact Percentages and Setting Appointments that Show
  Lead Management - How to achieve the goal of 100% of all leads (form or phone) received during business hours are contacted daily (9:50)
  MIT Study - The Effect of Lead Contact Time on Closing Ratios (Today - every minute of delay dramatically reduces closing ratios)
  Training Tips for Handling Phone Calls
  Phone-Up Basics & Establishing Control of Conversations to Achieve More Appointments that Show (32:26)
  The Internet Customer - Introduction to Video Email (9:51)
  The Internet Customer - Follow Up & Response Strategies (19:26)
  Pre-Owned Internet Response Suggestions/Strategies (5:19)
  Lead Management Assignment - Stop the Phone Profit Leak
  Your Turn - What is your opinion of phone training? Be sure to role play!
  Lead Management - Establish the in-Dealership Role Play Schedule
  Dealership Structures and Sales Processes - Keeping it Simple, Positive First Impressions, Relationship Building, and Avoidance of Unauthorized Price Discounting Throughout the Road to a Sale Process
  Daily routine? Business Plan? Price Discounting? Daily Learning? Can/Will you Grow and Improve?
  Sales Process Pre Test
  Dealership Structures and Terminologies
  Starting Your Day - 7 point checklist to ensure every day is a productive day (4:29)
  First Impression - Delivering the First Impression, Achieving Positive Engagement and Overcoming "I am just looking" (11:49)
  Meet and Greet - Ensure No One Shops Alone and Wants You to Help Them with Opening Phrases People Like! (6:39)
  Role Play - "We are Just Looking" - Write it Out
  Vehicle Selection - Handling the Objection "You don't have what we are looking for" in a Positive, Friendly Manner (10:43)
  Role Play - "You don't have exactly what we are looking for" - write it out.
  Test Drives - Importance of Test Drives and Why Customers Want One - Even When Shopping Online! (1:36)
  Prepare for the Test Drive (8:52)
  Selling the Test Drive and Overcoming Objections to Test Driving including "Can we get your best price before we test drive?" (11:20)
  Role Play - "What's the best price I can get before agreeing to test drive?" - write it out.
  Selling the Write Up - Getting More Write Ups More Often - How to handle "We need to do a little more shopping" and Stopping the Shopper (3:55)
  Role Play - "Can we have your business card? We need to do more shopping." Write it out
  Sales Process Test
  Journal Your Success - How have you increased in units, profits, CSI, or referrals so far?
  Business Plans Used by Professional Automotive Salespeople to Work by Appointment Only
  Business Plan - 365 day Business Plan to Bring in Your Own Customers and Work by Appointment (1:45)
  Automotive Salesperson Inc. Student Workbook
  Student Tracking Worksheets
  Automotive Salesperson Inc. Exam
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media Exam
  Your turn w/ the Coach - Building Your Own Business - Your Plans?
   Personal Goal Details between you and your Career Coaches
  Please Rate 365 Day Business Plan
  Professional Sales, Lead Management and Best Practices Certification
  Course Completion - Professional Sales - Best Practices (3:46)