Professional Selling, 365 Day Plan, Lead Management & Phone Training

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This Course Includes:
58 Lessons Total
13 Content Lessons
7 Exams
28 Video Lessons
6 File Attachments
15 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Establishing Personal Base Line Averages and Setting Personal Goals for Increase
  Your Goals as a Professional Salesperson
  Your Goals as a Professional Salesperson - Write it Out
  Course Introduction
  Features of CAM ACT
  Baseline Numbers - Establishing Your Red Line in the Sand!
  Ethics - Foundational Principles and Mind Sets Shared by Successful Leaders in the Automotive Industry
  Ethics - Relationship Selling
  Ethics - Loving Your Customers
  Actual Results of Loving the Customer Practically in the Sales Process
  Ethics - Definition of Selling - Satisfying Needs and Wants, Especially the Need to be Loved, Liked and Appreciated - Most Noble Profession on the Planet
  What do you think of your employer's decision to provide this content?
  Ethics - Actual Results from Changing Your Definition of Selling...
  Ethics - Do What is Right
  Ethics - Rule #1 - Be Honest
  Ethics - Rule #2 - Be Likeable
  Be Loyal to Your Company and Process
  Ethics - Rule #3 - Keep it Simple and Just Sell the Next Step
  Ethics - Rule #4 - Stay on the Customer's Side
  Video - Benefits of 100% CSI Sales Meeting Video
  Ethics Assignment
  Lead Management - Form Leads and Phone Call - Maximizing Customer Contact Percentages and Setting Appointments that Show
  Lead Management - How to achieve the goal of 100% of all leads (form or phone) received during business hours are contacted daily.
  MIT Study - The Effect of Lead Contact Time on Closing Ratios (Today - every minute of delay dramatically reduces closing ratios)
  Training Tips for Handling Phone Calls
  Phone-Up Basics & Establishing Control of Conversations to Achieve More Appointments that Show
  The Internet Customer - Introduction to Video Email
  The Internet Customer - Follow Up & Response Strategies
  Pre-Owned Internet Response Suggestions/Strategies
  Lead Management Assignment - Stop the Phone Profit Leak
  Your Turn - What is your opinion of phone training? Be sure to role play!
  Lead Management - Establish the in-Dealership Role Play Schedule
  Dealership Structures and Sales Processes - Keeping it Simple, Positive First Impressions, Relationship Building, and Avoidance of Unauthorized Price Discounting Throughout the Road to a Sale Process
  Daily routine? Business Plan? Price Discounting? Daily Learning? Can/Will you Grow and Improve?
  Sales Process Pre Test
  Dealership Structures and Terminologies
  Starting Your Day - 7 point checklist to ensure every day is a productive day
  First Impression - Delivering the First Impression, Achieving Positive Engagement and Overcoming "I am just looking"
  Meet and Greet - Ensure No One Shops Alone and Wants You to Help Them with Opening Phrases People Like!
  Role Play - "We are Just Looking" - Write it Out
  Vehicle Selection - Handling the Objection "You don't have what we are looking for" in a Positive, Friendly Manner
  Role Play - "You don't have exactly what we are looking for" - write it out.
  Test Drives - Importance of Test Drives and Why Customers Want One - Even When Shopping Online!
  Prepare for the Test Drive
  Selling the Test Drive and Overcoming Objections to Test Driving including "Can we get your best price before we test drive?"
  Role Play - "What's the best price I can get before agreeing to test drive?" - write it out.
  Selling the Write Up - Getting More Write Ups More Often - How to handle "We need to do a little more shopping" and Stopping the Shopper
  Role Play - "Can we have your business card? We need to do more shopping." Write it out
  Sales Process Test
  Journal Your Success - How have you increased in units, profits, CSI, or referrals so far?
  Business Plans Used by Professional Automotive Salespeople to Work by Appointment Only
  Business Plan - 365 day Business Plan to Bring in Your Own Customers and Work by Appointment
  Automotive Salesperson Inc. Student Workbook
  Student Tracking Worksheets
  Automotive Salesperson Inc. Exam
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media
  Automotive Salesperson Personal Branding & Social Media Exam
  Your turn w/ the Coach - Building Your Own Business - Your Plans?
   Personal Goal Details between you and your Career Coaches
  Please Rate 365 Day Business Plan
  Professional Sales, Lead Management and Best Practices Certification
  Course Completion - Professional Sales - Best Practices