Loan Underwriting and F&I Administration

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Last Updated: April 1st, 2021


This Course Includes:
36 Lessons Total
9 Content Lessons
7 Exams
9 Video Lessons
9 File Attachments
8 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Course Outline
  Video Series - Loan Underwriting Considerations Made by Lenders and Common Terms and Issues
  Credit Application, Credit Bureaus Lecture (5 minutes, 47 seconds)
  Credit Scoring (6 min, 40 seconds)
  Credit Bureaus (3 minutes, 51 seconds)
  Bankruptcy (3 minutes, 52 seconds)
  F&I Operations, Definitions and Administrative Manual, Fee Charts and Exam
  F&I Operations - Student Textbook (37 pages)
  Documentation Fee Information w/Chart (5 pages)
  F&I Operations, Administrative Procedures, Money Control, CSI, Interdepartmental Relationships, Terms and Definitions
   F&I Operations Exam
  Finance Reserve and Interest Rate Calculations, Buy Downs, Simple Interest, and Add-On Rate Exercise Downloads
  Finance Calculations - Student Textbook (21 pages)
  Finance Calculations - Student Workbook (171 pages)
  Interest Rates, Calculations and Reserve Income Skill Development Exercises
  Add On Rate Calculation Practice Exercises
  Rule of 78's Calculation Practice Exercises
  Simple Interest Calculation Practice Exercises
  Reserve Income - Interest Rates and Calculations
  Interest Rate and Calculations - FAQ's and Practice Tests
  Answers to Practice Tests (5 pages)
  Finance Calculations Test
  Advanced Credit Bureau Analysis Including Codes and Definitions
  Credit Application/Credit Bureau Detail (76 pages of Credit Bureau Analysis and Skill Development)
  Credit Application/Credit Bureaus Test
  Deal Structuring for A/B Lenders - Skill Development Exercises
  A/B Paper Deal Structuring & Lending Guideline Examples
  Deal Structuring Student Textbook (10 pages)
  Deal Structuring Video Presentation (36 minutes, 5 seconds)
  A/B Paper Loan Underwriting Test
  Deal Structuring Skill Development Confirmation Exam
  Your Turn - Finance Calculations and Deal Structuring Calcs
  Loan Application Submission to Lenders - Best Practices, First Impressions, and Increasing Odds of Success
  Credit Application Submission Best Practices Whitepaper
  Credit Application Submission Best Practices Exam
  Credit Application Submission Best Practices Evaluation Question
  Video Series - Lender Relationships and Finance Director Skill Development
  Creating Win/Win For Lenders (5 minutes, 10 seconds)
  What Lenders Look For in a Deal (4 minutes, 59 seconds)
  Selling Loans to Lenders (4 minutes, 31 seconds)
  Preparing for and Handling Lender Objections (9 minutes, 57 seconds)
  Please Rate Loan Structuring and F&I Administration