Subprime (Special Finance) Structures, Presentations & Disclosures

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This Course Includes:
57 Lessons Total
3 Content Lessons
8 Exams
31 Video Lessons
14 File Attachments
3 Feedback Submission Opportunities

Course Content

  Copyright Acknowledgment and Agreement
  Copyright & Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Subprime Finance Skill Development Definitions/Text Book and Worksheets
  Student Textbook Section 1 (29 pages)
  Student Workbook Section 1 (40 pages)
  FICO Score Information and Chart (2 pages)
  Video Lecture Series - Subprime Lending Terms, Guidelines, Strategies, and Definitions
  Sub-Prime Review: Subprime Guidelines Terms, Definitions, and Lending Practices (46 minutes)
  Sub-Prime Review: Ch2 (27 minutes, 40 seconds)
  Special Finance Loan Underwriting Guideline (1 page)
  Student Textbook Section 2 (67 pages)
  Student Workbook Section 2 (126 pages)
  Sub-Prime Review: Lender Selection based on Customer Credit Profiles, Vehicle, and Stipulations (42 minutes, 48 seconds)
  DMS (Advent Training) with Subprime Structures and Calculations for Advance, Income, Debt Ratios and Other Factors
  Advent Training - Dealer Management System (DMS) Operations and Data Entry (23 minutes, 46 seconds)
  Sub-Prime Review: calculate max selling price, max payment, debt ratio, payment to gross ratio, discretionary income (30 minutes, 2 seconds)
  Advent Training Ch 6 (14:10)
  Advanced Subprime Training - Advanced Credit Bureau Analysis and Lending Guideline Interpretation Skill Development Exercises
  Credit Bureau Training: Ch1 (58:47)
  Sub-Prime Guidelines (Exam #1)
  Student Textbook Section 3 (11 pages)
  Student Workbook Section 3 (86 pages)
  Subprime Business Skill Development - Real Deals, Credit Application, Credit Bureau, Vehicle Selection, Loan Stipulations, DMS entry, Lender Guidelines, Maximization Exercises
  Cantrell Deal: Ch1 (56 Minutes, 01 Second)
  Cantrell Deal (Cont): Ch2 (13 Minutes, 37 Seconds)
  Cantrell Deal (Cont): Ch3 (32 Minutes, 34 Seconds)
  Cantrell Deal Advent Ch4 (17 Minutes, 38 Seconds)
  Jason Brown Deal: Ch5 (32 Minutes, 44 Seconds)
  Jason Brown Deal (Cont): Ch6 (23 Minutes)
  Jason Brown Deal Advent Ch 7 (22 Minutes, 3 Seconds)
  Sub-Prime Guidelines (Exam #2)
  Norman Bates Deal: Ch1 (17 Minutes, 29 Seconds)
  Norman Bates Deal (Cont): Ch2 (20 Minutes, 8 Seconds)
  Norman Bates Deal Advent Ch3 (17 Minutes, 29 Seconds)
  Sub-Prime Guidelines (Exam #3)
  Student Textbook Section 4 (17 Pages)
  Student Workbook Section 4 (128 Pages)
  Gloria Perera Deal: Ch1 (41 Minutes, 15 Seconds)
  Gloria Perera Deal Advent Ch2 (10 Minutes, 46 Seconds)
  Proof of Income Stipulations - Lender interpretation methods using pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements - and how lenders identify phony proof of income.
  Income Calculations: Ch5 (35 Minutes, 36 Seconds)
  Clifford Martin Deal: Ch6 (25 Minutes, 38 Seconds)
  Clifford Martin Deal Advent Ch7 (13 Minutes, 5 Seconds)
  Robert Martin Deal: Ch8 (34 Minutes, 2 Seconds)
  Robert Martin Deal Advent Ch1 (18 Minutes, 42 Seconds)
  Jim Hughes Deal: Ch2 (32 Minutes, 56 Seconds)
  Jim Hughes Deal Advent Ch3 (12 Minutes, 52 Seconds)
  16-18 Payslips.pdf (3 Pages)
  Sub-Prime Loan Underwriting (Exam #4)
  Student Textbook Section 5 (18 Pages)
  Student Workbook Section 5 (102 Pages)
  Loan Underwriting: Ch1 (25 Minutes, 12 seconds)
  Jesse Martin Deal: Ch2 (34 Minutes, 6 Seconds)
  Jesse Martin Deal Advent Ch3 (18 Minutes, 29 Seconds)
  Special Finance Set-Up: Ch4 (17 Minutes, 26 Seconds)
  Special Finance (Cont): Ch5 (10 Minutes, 17 Seconds)
  Skill Verifications - Interpreting credit bureau information according to lender interpretation rules, deal structure calculations, setting up a subprime department, and other subprime lending skills
  Sub-prime Experian Credit Profile (Exam #5)
  Sub-prime Equifax Credit Profile (Exam #6)
  Special Finance Best Practices Whitepaper (13 Pages)
  Special Finance Best Practices Exam
  Special Finance Best Practices Evaluation Questions
  Your Turn - How can Special Finance help you?
  Please Rate Subprime Structures, Presentations & Disclosures