Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures

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This Course Includes:
16 Lessons Total
1 Content Lessons
2 Exams
5 Video Lessons
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Course Content

  Copyright and Acknowledgement Terms
  Copyright & Trade Secret Acknowledgement & Agreement
  Leasing Textbook (46 pages) and Leasing Workbook (26 pages) & Introduction to Leasing Terms Video (27 minutes)
  Leasing Student Textbook
  Leasing Student Workbook
   Welcome to Leasing, Leasing Terms, Basic Lease Calculations, Basic Lending Conditions and Requirements (27:30)
  Lease Structure Exercise - Standard Lease with Standard Miles (Cap Cost, Cap Reduction, Money Factor, Depreciation, Hard Adds, Soft Adds, Residual, Drive Offs and other Calcs)
  Worksheet for Lease Deal 12562
  Lease Calculation - Standard Lease with Standard Miles (22:00)
  Lease Structure Exercises - Lease Structure Exceptions, Excess Miles Calculations, Negative Equity Calculations and Structures
  Worksheet for Lease Deal 21899
  Lease Calculation - Lease With Excess Miles (10:35)
  Worksheet for Lease Deal 19856
  Lease Calculation - Lease With Negative Equity (5:23)
  Please rate what you've learned so far and your employer for providing this training
  Consumer Presentations, Federal Disclosures, Common Objections, Lease vs. Buy Comparisons, and Leasing Strategy
  Lease Presentations, Required Regulation M Contract Disclosures, Common Objections to Leasing, Lease vs. Buy Comparisons and Lease Strategies (31 minute video review of pages 16-61)
  Leasing Course Learning Objective Confirmations and Certification
  Leasing Module Final Exam - 100% Test Score Required - You Can Do it!!
  Your Turn - What have you learned about leasing?
  Please Rate Leasing Structures, Presentations & Disclosures